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Logo Clouds are the original Aerial Marketing opportunity utilising the Patented and award winning Flogos concept, and not the cheap Chinese copies that other Companies offer


Logo Clouds can hover at various heights, depending on the amount of helium and oxygen mixed into the formula.  As a norm, they can fly 300 ft to 500 ft high and travel at a slow pace for 20 miles, while bouncing off buildings. They can fly much higher or lower if needed.


Logo Clouds are Green, 100% environmentally safe; they dissipate, leaving nothing behind. 


Logo Clouds are Branded Clouds for sky advertising. It's a new form of advertising in the sky that's never been used before.


Logo Clouds have the look of a soft, puffy cloud that is conformed into the shape of your logo or a shape of your choice.  This product remains cohesive while flying through the air, inside or outside.


The foam is environmentally safe because it's mostly water, air, and a soapy agent that creates bubbles that can be formed into the shape of your logo or product.


Logo Clouds are a revolutionary way to market your products, logo, and events.


The airspace is free game to fly your logo over your events, business district, or neighbourhood to amaze your target audience.


Increasingly the use of Helium Balloons is being criticised for the damage they cause to the environment. When the Helium in a Balloons disintegrates they fall to Earth and being non biodegradable contribute enormously to the Earths problems, Logo Clouds overcome all these objections.


It has come to our attention that another Company is offering what they claim is a similar product - you should be aware that this is a cheaper Chinese copy whereas we only use the original award winning and Patented Flogos technology - do not be fooled by cheap copies



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